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Nature's Health Boost
    • GolfCORDY


      GolfCordy is a revolutionary health supplement made with an extremely potent mushroom named cordyceps. Its benefits include increasing physical strength, boosting immunity, enhancing athletic performance, and more.

      •  Alcohol-free
      •  Lactose-free
      • 100% natural energy booster
      • Heals body from within
      • Enhances athletic performance
      • Contains rejuvenating properties
      • Reduces inflammation
    • CordyTea


      Cordytea is a potent blend of tea leaves and Cordyceps, a mushroom with multiple health benefits including cell rejuvenation, anti-aging properties, and boosting immunity along with the refreshing goodness of tea leaves.

      •  Zero artificial flavoring
      • Rich in Antioxidants
      •  100% vegetarian
      • Reduces inflammation
      •  Rejuvenates cells
      •  Contain adaptogenic properties
      •  Helps reduce stress
      • Helps relieve anxiety