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Cordytea is a potent blend of tea leaves and Cordyceps, a mushroom with multiple health benefits including cell rejuvenation, anti-aging properties, and boosting immunity along with the refreshing goodness of tea leaves.

  •  Zero artificial flavoring
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  •  100% vegetarian
  • Reduces inflammation
  •  Rejuvenates cells
  •  Contain adaptogenic properties
  •  Helps reduce stress
  • Helps relieve anxiety
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The Power of Cordyceps Infused in Every Sip: CordyTea is carefully curated using premium-grade Cordyceps, a revered adaptogenic mushroom with a rich history of promoting health and vitality. With every sip, you indulge in a blend that enhances both mind and body.

Boosted Energy: Experience a natural, sustained boost of energy with Cordyceps’ unique ability to support oxygen utilization. Say goodbye to caffeine crashes and embrace an invigorating and balanced energy source.

Enhanced Focus: Find your flow and experience improved mental clarity with Cordyceps’ cognitive benefits.

Immune Support: Cordyceps is renowned for its immune-modulating properties, helping your body stay resilient against daily challenges and seasonal changes.


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